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Got me depressin' today
May 29th, 2018 | 07:06 PM

Sunday morning, got the urge to watch Netflix again. I re-subscribed and started watching this specific Chinovela (Chinese telenovela)-- A Love So Beautiful. I've seen it in the commercial of our local television a few times but didn't seem to be interested to watch it though. So when I started this two days ago, it was a very impulsive act and I got hooked instantly!! And since I started watching, I knew there was a similar series to this plot. It took me a day to realize the title of the other series. I knew it was a Taiwanese and searched for it a lot of times until finally--It Started With A Kiss! 

Anyway, I was really hooked to this (all the free time I can get was spent watching!). It came to a point I was watching on duty--I know I'm so bad. But I was able to finish 24 episodes (with 41mins each) in 2 1/2 days!!!! I was so hooked I was up all night, last night watching!!! Couldn't believe it was only now (again) that I got hooked to a series!!! I was seriously crying and sobbing at 1 AM!! 

I finished this morning upon arriving for duty. It was so bitiiiin! I wish there was more but it was good enough. My super babaw self for romcom was really moved. Jiang Chen was really similar to someone I used to like years ago--the path he's going to take (career), resembling his semi-reserved attitude. It was somehow, the same. 

After watching, I don't know how I should really feel. I've been single for the longest time and I don't know how to converse and meeting up with other people. I feel so depressed after. Gaaaaaah. 


I knew this prompted another blog entry. Although this was a nonsense one. I'd like to put it here. To remind me that I remembered this guy again. Naaaat. 

orange you glad?

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