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3 weeks at UK
November 17th, 2019 | 05:33 PM

I just saw my last post 6 months ago and a lot of things happened since. A timeline just to give a gist: 

June 2019 - took IELTS and passed
July 2019 - took CBT and passed, submitted my NMC application and QD
August 2019 - Decision Letter received
September 2019 - Interviewed and passed, received offer letter
October 2019 - Certificate of Sponsorshop received, Visa appearance and Deployment date

Thinking about it I was able to leave in less than 6 months! To be honest, I couldn't believe it until now it's been something I really dreamt of, to be able to leave for abroad. Well it wasn't my planned destination to be honest. But a dream come true to finally set foot in a different country to work. Wuhoo! 

It's somehow an emotional rollercoaster because I have mixed emotions every single day and somehow discovering myself every step of the way so far here's my weekly feelings.

Week 1: Excited to set foot on this country! This week was more of entry level, city tour, whereabouts of everything. More of the adjustment phase, really. Two of my downfalls this week I had were first when the cake was left behind and I had to leave alone to get it for the HR officers. Everyone was really telling me to give it to them tomorrow instead but I refused and had to go that road by myself even though the feeling of being alone sucked. The other was when I was left alone to be tagged to a house that I'd be transferring. We initially planned to be together, the three of us actually, but of course I was left behind. I really felt bad at first but then I thought, if now, I had been feeling this isolation, what more later on? (And I was right, afterwards...)

Week 2: Induction week and we finally have our IDs!! Although what I didn't like about this week was we were tested positive for TB test. But then in our consent forms, we were only extracted for HIV, Hepa B and C only. So how come there was a TB test done without us being informed? And later on found out that since we tested positive, we have to undergo the treatment (well, that's according to the website, though). Had 2 vaccines this week: Flu and MMR. Also this week where my right ring finger acquired paronychia and had to be treated for urgent care because of intense pain and abscess. I was kinda frustrated because I didn't have anything like this prior to leaving. Of all the time I had to acquire this was now where I'm not yet familiar with their healthcare process.

Week 3: Just when we thought that we will be starting our bootcamp week, we ended up having duty with our respective wards unexpectedly! We all had to buy shoes at the very last minute! It sucks! Good thing I was able to buy a good affordable shoes. Whew! I was just stressed with the fact that they don't usually wear mask in the wards. I feel bad. To think they have MRSA patients, CAP, more of infectious patients where not only patients are at risk but more of me and other healthcare providers! Ughhhhh. 

I know these past few weeks were more of frustrations but I'm trying to see the brighter side in my everydays. Working extra hard for it but hopefully I'll get there. 

Here's to more adventures! 

Yay! I'm finally here! 

orange you glad?

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