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Quick update
July 30th, 2017 | 09:59 AM

Again, it's been months since I last update this "ancient" blog of mine. It's been 12 years!!! I could not believe that I have been treasuring a lot of memories and evolved my writing skills over time. It's such a shame if I still write the same, though! 

A lot of things have happened recently. But the major life-changing ones are:

1. I informally passed my comprehensive exam for graduate school. So thesis-it! Still no solid topic for my thesis paper yet.

2. I also got an offer in the UK!! I passed the interview and will be taking 2 more tests soon to finally head to the land of the royal family!! Whuuut. 

I am really excited for the things to happen. I really hope to see results soooooon!! I have so many aspirations!! I can't waaaaait! 

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Long Waiting Time
March 24th, 2017 | 06:09 PM

ATM: CBTL Capitol Commons waiting for our scheduled dinner reunion tonight

I've been thinking if I should go home and rest first before I go to our dinner tonight but then didn't want to go through the hassle traffic so I decided to wait instead here in Commons instead of going through hell of Friday traffic later (or now). 

Again, it's been a long long time since my last post. I applied to a corporate company recently and sad to say, had to reject their job offer. I'm really excited with the environment given the job description and all but seems like their compensation did not commensurate the responsibilities enough. It's actually a risky one and yet they compensate with a life insurance--not even an HMO. No wonder the position has been on Jobstreet for a few months now and yet they haven't found the right person for the position. Or should I say, no one has yet to accept the low salary they offer. Was fairly disappointed with their offer given it was an international company which supposedly has quite a generous budget for positions they need. Oh well. Been trying to look for a similar job but up to now, nothing has matched yet. I hope I could find something similar but pays well. *Wishing that to come soon enough*

Been having consistent weight problems (and gaining more pounds than ever) at my heaviest ever right now. I've been finding the motivation to push through my #backto2014mechallenge. I tried last Nov and enrolled myself in a 1-month gym membership. I went for two days and I got...bored already. I've been looking for an adult zumba or hiphop class to keep me interested. Seriosuly, I need this. I can't find the time to run in the evenings since it's risky in Marikina. I'm thinking of biking but need to find the time and must bring a lot of clothes to change after biking. But I like the idea. I might want to bike actually. Hmmmm...

Ugh, I need to find a way to get over this! 

Surprisingly, this week I got frustrated and found myself buying a book to read! After lalalala months of not reading a book! I realized how important really it is to consistently still read a book every now and then! Yes I know I suck at this the most. So glad I finished the book in less than 24 hours and found myself wanting to read another one! Now, I just bought a new book again, not teeny book anymore. But still a romance book, as always. Need to catch up on my reading skills though, I need this!!! 

Hope I'll be better than this in time! 


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Professionals, working unprofessionally.
November 30th, 2016 | 03:11 PM

I need to get this out for real. 

2016 has been really tough for me in terms of work as this year only I have worked with more than 10 different nurses (with and without experiences) ranging their stay from few days to a week to barely a month--all of them didn't make it too long to stay in our institution. Honestly, we've been trying to guess where went wrong and what we could've done better but how can we ever know if they just instantaneously disappear??? I MEAN COME ON. I barely get to find a DECENT MAN for myself. I didn't know DECENT PEOPLE (in general) are even harder to find. 

The first 3 nurses we had earlier this year were way decent than the succeeding ones we had. These three were able to inform our boss formally. Compared to the other remaining nurses, none of them had anything to say at all. There was one, who was the aggresive one said his intention that it will be his last day since the scope of work is not okay for him. On his last day of work, the moment he received his salary 3 hours before his shift ended, he fled right away and left a text message and said, "ma'am kailangan ko na po umalis, may family reunion po kasi kami need ko po umattend. Yung 3 hours ko po dun na lang po sa inextend ko pong time na di bayad." I really got pissed off after reading that text. HE WASN'T MAN ENOUGH TO OWN UP HIS WORDS AND SAY IT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. WHAT A COWARD! 

On that same batch with the aggresive guy, were 3 other nurses. I remembered 2 girls and 1 guy. One nurse didn't show up after 1 day because of travelling time, while the other ended after 4 days when we had a very toxic critical care patient. I thought the remaining guy will stand still for some time but after 2 months of working, the following day after he received his salary, didn't show up to work with no notice at all. Got tired of calling them and asking whether they'd still want to work or not. I guess, the no-show duty is a given answer and should already be enough for me. 

Before this last-standing guy gave up on us, we hired this nurse who wasn't supposed to be hired at all. He was placed on probation as he already come and go twice 3 years ago. My boss didn't want to give him a chance anymore but given the need, I pursuaded my boss since there's no other choice. He was so-so at first but when the last-standing guy was absent few days before he actually fled, I have given him a test that he needs to extend for half a shift and I couldn't afford to extend anymore because I have extended my entire life for this work so many times. HE SAID YES TO MY BOSS EVEN IF HE DIDN'T WANT TO. BECAUSE IT WAS MY BOSS. HE LEFT AT A TIME WHERE I DIDN'T HAVE ANY CHOICE BUT TO STAY BECAUSE HE LEFT ALREADY. I GOT PISSED OFF AGAIN BECAUSE BULLSHIT. HE'S ANOTHER COWARD GUY WHO JUST COULDN'T SAY IT TO MY FACE OR TO MY BOSS THAT HE CANNOT EXTEND FOR WORK BECAUSE HE WILL NOT BE PAID FOR IT. GOD. WHY DO THESE PEOPLE EXIST. THEY COULDN'T EVEN STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES. 

We've had more other nurses who just did the same thing over and over again and I just let them be. Naimagine niyo ba gaano kahirap magturo ng tao ng SOPs, protocols, environment and everything to people over and over and over AGAIN???? Seryoso, nagsawa na ako magturo. I have given up so many times already and we're just struggling to survive in our everyday lives. 

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Online Storage Solutions, anyone?
November 15th, 2016 | 09:06 AM

So, hooray for a new entry for this year! Although 2016 is coming to an end, at least I still able to create a new entry! Yahoo! Nay. 

Anyway, I was browsing through my old entries for the past years and I've realized this tabulas is 11 years old already! Huwow! From super childish tell-talings to realizations and vent outs--you can see them all here. I was reading my old posts and I just couldn't believe it was me really writing all those entries. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME AFTER ALL THESE YEARS? Am I really getting dumb? Or is it just my inner side of my self waiting to be unboxed or something. I don't know. Felt like it really wasn't me who was writing on those past entries. 

I started a miracle morning journal wherein I will fill out 3 pages of random thoughts or whatever it is in my mind at the time of writing and so far I'm not still being able to write daily. But I wanted to keep up with it, honestly. Nothing feels like writing on a paper than you know just typing it down like this. I guess it really depends on the scenario or happenings. I may feel like writing today and typing tomorrow. But it's just that I don't have a centralized storage of all my entries. It really depends on my mood (me, being the journal hoarder). Ha ha! 

With this growing collections of my entries (whether virtual or not), I'm quite not sure now which is a long lasting storage. Remember Multiply where all the pictures during my high school days were stored? And back in 2010 or 2012, they finally shut down? I had to save all those pictures one by one just to keep all those memories alive! It was so hard to keep everything in place! Now that I have a trust issue with hosting sites, which should I keep and which should I let go?

I have this Tabulas. I also have one in Blogger (which is already linked to my gmail account). I also tried Wordpress but I can't remember the details anymore and I just saw I had 3 entries in Livejournal. Ugh so many sites! But then, it's still Tabulas that I always logged into. I thought I almost lost Tabulas at a certain point. They just changed their hosting site. 

So should I start saving all my entries one by one in my hard drive now? OH NOES! :'(:'( #supereffort

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Written entry/ 1Aug 2016
August 1st, 2016 | 06:09 AM

August 1, 2016  6:09 PM

Another Pomodoro day at Bubbalab to finish my pending tasks. A lot of things are on my mind right now, simultaneously. Gay guys (I’m no homophic, okay?), cigarette smoking in teenagers, boastful in college years, a looooot, really. 

Of all the places I’ve tried to hang-out and have a productive session, Bubba Lab has that ambience apart from Starbucks. A lot of students stop by here after school—whether they came from St. Scho, Marist, or OLOPSC, they all intentionally pass by their time here. There is a vast variety of drinks to choose from: Frappes, Milk Tea, Coffee, and Tea. Milk Tea is their main thing. I like how their concept of a science lab was adapted in the store. From the chairs, tables, gown of staff and even their food presentation all from the science lab. They really adapted their concept well. Since the transfer to this newly-renovated stall, more have been stopping by probably for their ambiance and the “feel” that they can stay more here than in other places. I’ve tried in Donna’s and Empire in Lilac, you really can’t feel that you can stay in the place for a long time. I’ve realized that no matter how I try to change my perspective in making it a good ambiance, the environment really determines the comfortability of one into the place. So far, I’ve tried their Iced Caramel Macchiato, Macadamia Milk Tea, and Salted Caramel Frappe. Honestly, there is none yet that I’ve found to stick on. Will try more drinks soon. I’ve tried eating mojos, fries and nachos. I like their mojos but then the cut are sometimes too big and thick to eat. Overall, so so. It’s more of the place is that I’m paying more rather than the food and the drink. 

Okay, alexythemic mode again. Thought about a lot of things to talk about yet talked about a different one instead. 

I’m actually agitated to finish my monthly layout of my bullet journal (bujo). I’m actually on my fourth  month of using it! It keeps me sane and excited. Although I haven’t found that layout that would keep me from experimenting one from the other. Looks like my last 2 weeks of August will be the peaceful layout add to that of integrating Zink photoprinting! EXCITED MUCH! 

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